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This are prices for a two week rental-


Our wig package with the 6 styled wigs for Baby/teen/adult Anna and Elsas - $175

Puppets- Olaf is $825/Olaf is very similar to the Broadway version, Sven is $400

Costumes - $750 for all main characters and ensemble. Includes the tear away transformation dress. These costumes were fitted for ages 7-17 year olds. 

Props - We have the orb and scepter, mini toy olaf the girls make-toy box, rainbow umbrellas for summer ensemble, white snow chorus ribbons, bag of ice, swords, flower crowns and ribbons, 

Set- We have the oaken cart, large Kristoff sleigh, foam elsa icicles that are on hydraulic sliders, floral arch (for a fly system) for love is an open door. 


This are the costumes we have-

Big Elsa-Rip off dress/gloves

Big Anna- with cape

Middle Elsa

Middle Anna

Young Elsa dress and pajamas

Young Anna Dress and Pajamas

Villagers and castle staff

King and Queen


Olaf costume for actor- Puppet available 

Sven is a puppet

Summer Ensemble- Red and white striped swimsuits, flower swim caps,, flower sunglasses

Flowers and bumble bee, sunshine suit for summer ensemble

Snow Chorus ballet costumes- Plus white long capes to make anna a snow statue at end

statues ensemble for love is an open door

Oaken and villagers- Red skirts and sweaters

Pabbie and Bullda and hidden folk - Base costume with capes, light up gem necklaces- cape and crown for marriage 




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