COVID-19 Updates!

-All patrons and guests will be required to wear a mask inside our building. You will not be required to wear it while eating.

-We will continue to do nightly sanitation to the entire theatre. We have a disinfectant sprayer that we use to spray every surface of the theatre in both the audience and cast areas.

-Our box office and concessions will also get an extra bleach wipe down every night.

-We will continue to have our sanitation stations set up around the building.

-We are reducing our capacity down to 60-65% per show.

-We will be taking all of our dinner reservations off our website to accommodate the correct set up of social distancing seating since our ticketing system is not set up to function in that capacity. You will still be able to purchase our show only performances online. If you would like dinner please call our box office or visit our lobby. We had added another box office staff member to our team to help with the influx of calls and assistance that will be needed to still provide good service. In happier news, we are adding a Brunch option for our Matinees, more on that soon!


Concessions & Dinner-
-Our box office and concessions will also get an extra bleach wipe down every night.
-We will include a concessions menu in our program for the ability to stay in your seat and make our intermission line shorter.
-We are working on a text in ordering system for concessions for ease of ordering from your seat.
-We are moving our dinners for Mamma Mia outdoors. We will have a large outdoor event/wedding tent to enjoy dinner on the lawn. We will be set up more like a restaurant and will seat you in order of when you arrive. We will social distance tables according to when guests arrive. Our theatre will be set up permanently as Show Only for Mamma Mia and Hunchback. When you make a reservation you will reserve a show only seat but dinner will be unreserved outside. Once you have finished dinner you will be sat inside the theatre.
-Seats will be spread out within the theatre by party.
-We are taking our table size from 6-8 per table to smaller 4 person tables with two 6 person tables to accommodate families.

-All Palace employees will take a temperature and wellness check before starting their shift.
-All employees are required to wear a mask.


-All cast members are wearing masks during rehearsals.


This is a crazy time and we hope and pray for our community and will continually watch and monitor our situation, knowing it can change any minute. We are thankful for the continual support and patience as we have had to change our business model over and over again within the last few months. We are thankful we are able to be open to keep our staff employed even if we are taking a hit having smaller numbers. Every day we monitor, evaluate, reevaluate, and change accordingly. We hope you have enjoyed your experience with us in the past and hope for a day when we don't have to modify. Even when that day comes we will continue our level of cleaning and sanitizing of our building. Thank you for supporting your local family-owned business and community theatre, we love our community.

-Thank you!

Palace COVID-19 Policies