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Performing Arts

We believe in empowering young artists at every level! 

We provide a supportive, fun environment where young artists can be inspired, creative, expressive, and shine! 

The process of learning and striving for personal, individual excellence is important. Performing arts improve character qualities that support performance in school and enhance one's life. These young artists will learn skills that can translate into every aspect of their life that will carry into adulthood. 

Registration for fall 2022 is now open!

Performing Arts School


Children Singing in a Choir


Contemporary Dance Rehearsal


Fall 2023 Company Shows
Fall 2022 Class Schedule
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Why do the Students need to take an Ensemble class if they want to do Company?

What if my student has already taken an Ensemble class?

Can my student take the dance class or Ensemble with out any other classes?

When are the showcases and performaces?

Are there any free options?

The Ensemble classes learn the fundamentals of theatre that the students need to be successful in the Company class. We like to liken it to dance, you have to take the ballet class to be in the Nutcracker. The Ensemble classes are required to be taken if you want to be in Company.

The ensemble class is required every year with company even if you have taken it previously. You learn new things every semester and will grow off that foundation.

Yes! They can take those classes without any other classes. 

They will be in January. We will have an updated schedule soon! 

We hope to set up a scholarship program next year once we get sponsors, we do not have any at the time. Our main stage shows are always open and free for the public to audition for.