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The Palace Conservatory is an after school theatre program created and ran by Jenna Davies and The Palace Theatre. We teach acting, singing, and dancing. Our program is designed for ages 5-18. We currently have two locations, one in Chubbuck and one in Rexburg.


We believe in empowering young artists at every level. We provide a supportive, fun environment where young artists can be inspired, creative, expressive, and shine! The process of learning and striving for personal, individual excellence is important. Performing arts improve character qualities that support performance in school and enhance one's life. These young artists will learn skills that can translate into every aspect of their life that will carry into adulthood. 

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Classes offered-

Ensemble- Group acting class. 
Company- This class performs a full length musical.
Musical Theatre Dance - Group dance class.
Group Voice - Group voice class.
Private Voice - Private voice class. 

Technical Theatre - Technical side of theatre (lights, sound, props, etc.).


Classes range from $35-$100



Chubbuck, ID - 158 E. Chubbuck Rd
Rexburg, ID - 84 Professional Plaza Way


Questions or interested in the class schedule and pricing? We love emails! Email your respective coordinator with any requests. 

Chubbuck -
Rexburg -

Registration is currently open for our Chubbuck location. Registration for our Rexburg location will be opening soon.

2025 Chubbuck Company Shows

Finding Nemo Jr. the Musical graphic
Winnie the Pooh Kids the Musical graphic
Hadestown Teen Edition the Musical graphic

2025 Rexburg Company Show

Show announcement coming soon!

Our Team

Jenna Davies

Jenna Davies

Jenna embarked on the journey of conceptualizing the Conservatory program in 2015. During her junior year in the Theatre program at Idaho State University in 2016, the Dean of the College of Arts and Letters approached her with a request to establish a Theatre Summer Camp Program. Taking on the challenge, Jenna spearheaded the creation and operation of the Conservatory Summer Camp at ISU for two consecutive summers until her graduation.

In 2019, Jenna and Chad made a significant move by purchasing The Palace Playhouse in Chubbuck, rebranding it as The Palace Theatre. Following this acquisition, Jenna launched the Palace Conservatory for the Performing Arts in the fall of the same year. The Palace Conservatory rapidly gained momentum, experiencing explosive growth, which necessitated the expansion beyond the confines of Chubbuck. This expansion culminated in the grand opening of a new location in Rexburg, alongside the introduction of large-scale summer theatre camps.

Driven by her profound love and passion for children's theatre, Jenna has had the privilege of nurturing and collaborating with some of the most talented young artists in the region. The Conservatory program stands as the epitome of Jenna's dedication to the craft, serving as both her pride and joy. With unwavering enthusiasm, Jenna eagerly anticipates many more years of empowering young performers to achieve their highest potential.

Emily Gibson

Emily Gibson
Assistant Conservatory Director/Acting/Company Director


Sherri Dienstfrey-Swanson
Acting/Company Director

Vanessa Grow

Vanessa Grow

Emily Capson

Emily Capson

Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson
Music Director

Hannah Davidson

Hannah Davidson
Chubbuck Cordinator

Malia Kerr

Malia Kerr
Rexburg Cordinator

Makayla Daybell

Makayla Daybell

Kirsten Kay

Kirsten Kay
Technical Theatre/Sound Board Operator

Two children actors on stage
Children acting out the little mermaid
Children actors on stage
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