New Owners!

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"The Palace Playhouse is excited to introduce the new owners of the theatre. After an incredible career, John and Trudy Bidwell are excited to turn the keys over to Jenna and Chad Davies. Starting November 1st the Davies will be the new owners of the theatre. The Bidwells and Davies are both so thrilled and excited for this wonderful news! Congratulations John and Trudy on your successful career and welcome Jenna and Chad!" 

“Each generation must, at the height of its power, step aside and invite the young to share the day. You have laid claim to our world, and I believe the future, in your hands, will be bright and prosperous.”
T. Roosevelt/Newsies

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Jenna & Chad Davies

About the new owners-

Jenna and Chad Davies met in high school and married a few years after. They are Pocatello natives and look forward to serving their community through the arts. Jenna spent a few years dancing professionally internationally and Graduated from Idaho State University with a B.A. in Theatre and currently works at Idaho Central Credit Union as a Voice Over Artist and Video Producer. Chad served an church mission to Cleveland Ohio and now works for the locally owned family business Mastercraft Pool and Spa as the Sales Manager with his parents and siblings. He founded and owns Pocatello Limousine. Jenna and Chad have grown up performing on the Mystique and Palace Playhouse stage and look forward to making it their own as the Palace Theatre. They have re-opened the beloved Chamber Hall and have started the Palace Conservatory for the Performing Arts.  They are passionate about providing an education theatre to the community that helps bring together artists and community members alike. Most importantly, they believe in the power of kindness, community service, and uplifting and enriching through the arts. 


Emily Gibson

Her love for performing and theatre started at a young age which has given her a passion, not just for theatre, but for working with the youth in theatre. Her love of this work has also been inspired by the magic that goes into it. From lighting, scenic, props, costumes and  the entirety of putting up a show that creates the ability for an audience to get lost in the adventures is something that is utterly inexplicable and addictive to Emily. Although being onstage is where she wants to be, she enjoys a variety of technical theatre aspects as well. She has been a professional props master and scenic paint charge for the past couple of years. She also dabbled in scenic and costume design. She is excited to now move onto another part of theatre as day manager of the Palace. She loves the Palace Theatre and the experiences she has had here over the years. She looks forward to helping bring the magic of theatre to the community of Pocatello and Chubbuck.


Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson holds a degree in Theatre from Idaho State University and has performed on stages from Pocatello, Northern Utah, and New York City. Jack has taught theatre classes from 2016 and currently is our Conservatory Theatre for the Performing arts teacher.  Jack excels in character acting, stage combat, and improv. 

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Cory Scoffield

Cory is a native Pocatellan and a current student at Idaho State. He is studying Surveying and Geomatic Engineering and works as a Surveying Intern at the Idaho Transportation Department. While he is pursuing a career as a Professional Land Surveyor, one of his greatest passions is for theatre and the performing arts. He began performing in shows and choirs during high school and has continued as often as possible ever since. Cory also enjoys spending time with his wife and family; they enjoy traveling and spending time in the outdoors camping, hiking, backpacking, and kayaking. Cory previously managed our Box Office, and now currently works as our Website Designer.